We are a music publisher and MCPS Production music library born out of our  "Squirky" Studios on the borders of lovely Richmond Park in South West London.

We provide cutting edge, high quality and innovative music for use in films, television, advertisements, corporate videos, apps, web sites, personal use or anything you desire. 

All of our Production music is licensed via the PRS, see the "buyers info" section for more information 

We have in-house label artists that produce 'filmic" material including "The Beijing Gang" & "45 Dip". We also have many independent composers contributing to the library. 

We also do Music/SFX to picture and are co-producers in selected film and animations. Email for details. 

Owner and Director  Chris Bemand has over 30 years experience of producing music for both commercial release and Music Library .  
As well as a large discography, Chris has written and produced countless scores for all kinds of TV shows including mainstream cartoon series,Bafta nominated Skunk Fu! and King Arthur's Disasters. 
He's also known for writing epic choral music for top shows including the X-Factor and Top Gear.